Friday, October 3, 2008


I have wonderful news for those who have been cheering me and leaving such lovely comments like "I hope you win!" : I did! I am a designer now at Stone Accents Studio along with Mitsybelle and Piggy Scraps Designs.
Let me express my gratitude to all the supporters, the administration team at Stone Accents Studio and all the fellow contestants!
It was a great experience, and a I have to say I surprized myself for coming this far.
Special thanks to Nani, our cheerleader for her efforts, she truly went out of her way (and still does) for us!
I'm excited to start working with the team at SAS!
Thank you all!


Erika H. said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. You are so deserving of the win! It was so fun working with your kits that you designed for the contest. Have fun!

vicki said...

WOW!!! WOOHOO!!! CONGRATULATIONS Monika that is fantastic news!!! you've done such an amazing job on your designs for the competition - any wonder you were a winner - they would have been mad not to have you join their DT!!!

I'm so happy for you

Lisa said...

Congratulations to you! You did a wonderful job in the design contest. Best of luck over at SAS. With your talent, you will do great!!!

Kryzzie said...

Congratz!! -huggles- I wish I knew about this earlier cos' I'd definitely cheer you on! I only found out when I saw my friend use your kit for her layout and OMG it's so gorgeous. ^.^ Silly her though. She told me she don't have Milady elements only the papers because her connection was too slow. Lol. Anyway good luck and keep it up! You make wonderful designs ^.^

mITSYBELLE said...

Congratulations Monika, I look forward to working with such an amazingly talented lady :)

Cindyrelly said...

Hi Monika! Congratulations on winning and thanks sooo much for the beautiful kits. I've added a link to your blog on the SAS Home Page ;) ... the designer blog links are below the previews:

Tracy said...

Well done Monika, your kits were all superb and you'll be a true asset to the team at SAS.
Tracy aka Ambowife